Electric Air Funeral

by Drear

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We have been sat on this song for well over a year.

You can have it, until we return from another long break.

Drear is 95% breaks, 5% work. Big break.


released March 27, 2014




Drear UK


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Track Name: Electric Air Funeral
Sky burial. The ultimate mortality. Ritual dissection by blade and beak. Not just an empty body but a body emptied of its reality. Sky burial. Part savagery, part artistry. Split the flesh, eject the bone. A handsome feast for a handful of vultures. Sky burial at sunrise. No need for old news on a new day. Nothing left for the body to learn but butchery loves company. Flesh is such a transient luxury. Sky burial. Such detachment. Familiar face once human, familiar body now carrion. A meaningless collection of bones. What release that must give, what release that takes. Sky burial.